Catching the Wave of the Metronics DRO 10% Discount

2010 | Mar | From Metronics Digital Readout Systems

Going back to almost 30 years ago, we knew from the start that when a client installs a DRO System on his machine tool, he wants to feel satisfied and be able to get on with the job. He wants his DRO to be the interface and the upgrade to his machine that will enable him to get his work done efficiently and consistently … again and again and again, without unnecessary downtimes when the DRO breaks down. We knew that and so we designed and manufactured a DRO System that lasts and lasts year in and year out. We knew our Metronics DRO, coupled with a reasonable price, would provide a customer experience far beyond what was expected.

As a result, our customers have been our greatest ambassadors and have confidently advertised our product by word of mouth again and again. To show our appreciation, we are making a special offer available to you, our customers:

If you currently own a Metronics counter, scale or DRO system, you immediately qualify for an instant discount of 10% on any of our products and services.  This offer is valid for one month only. Only orders placed between 15 March – 15 April 2010 will qualify.

If you are going to make a first-time Metronics purchase, you will immediately join our group of satisfied customers. You’ll start experiencing satisfaction and peace of mind from day one of your Metronics DRO installation and you can look forward to future special offers for Metronics DRO customers!

We look forward to hearing from you soon and to being of service to you!

By Leslie Zimmermann | Metronics Marketing

Head of Metronics: Klaus Zimmermann

Metronics: 011 646-8738

Metronics Mobile: 083 268 6074

Metronics Web:

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