Metronics Also Sells Other DRO Brands

2010 | June | From Metronics Digital Readout Systems

Metronics has always supplied the Digital Readout System that will do the right job for you. Not only have we supplied a choice of different Brands when you need a new DRO system, but we have always repaired linear encoders and digital readouts of both Metronics and other manufacturer’s DROs to extend the life of your current investment in measurement equipment.

But because excellence and an economical approach have been our company values from the start, we have always maintained that no matter which DRO you choose, in the end, installation methods are as important as the products themselves to prevent damage to the instruments in your workshop.

When you seek our advice we have always helped you with the question of, “How Do You Choose the Right DRO?”

Each DRO System has its own unique advantages. We know that choosing a DRO can be difficult, so in our endeavour to help our customers we usually offer a brief initial comparison of some of the differences – some of the pros and cons. While we try to be as impartial as we can, our interaction with our customers and their feedback has influenced us greatly.

By Leslie Zimmermann | Metronics Marketing

Head of Metronics: Klaus Zimmermann

Metronics Tel: 011 646-8738

Metronics Mobile: 083 268 6074

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